Saturday, 7 May 2016

SONY Xperia Z5 Performance and best Vodafone Plan UK 2016

SONY has silently been making a good impact in the realm of smartphones. The most recent addition to the Xperia series is the SONY Xperia Z5. In the UK, Xperia Z5 is giving a good competition to brands like Apple and Samsung can very well be among one of the finest smartphone of 2016. Here is a small insight into this product.

Hardware and Built
The Xperia Z5 comes with a brilliant 2GHz Octa-Core processor which offers faster operations and allows the device to handle multiple operations. Built with a water proof technique, the phone remains constant in performance even after being immersed in water.

Operating System and RAM

The phone is an android device which runs on Lollipop (V 5.1) and is capable of offering an exquisite experience while in use. The inbuilt 3GB RAM is good in terms of helping users to get uninterrupted activities which running multiple applications.

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